FCRA Violations Holding You Back?

Whether it's inaccurate information on your credit reports causing you to miss out on your dream home, or background check errors preventing you from getting that new job, we know how much these FCRA violations can hurt.

Fortunately, we've got years of experience when it comes to protecting consumers rights.

Common FCRA Violations

  • Furnishing and reporting old information
  • Furnishing and reporting inaccurate information
  • Mixing your file with someone else with the same or similar name
  • Failure to follow debt dispute procedures
  • Releasing your credit reporting for impermissible purposes
  • Failure to notify you of a negative decision based upon your credit report
  • Falsley reporting you as deceased

Damages a FCRA Attorney can win for you

There are a few key types of compensation we can help you win.

  1. Economic damages: This refers to compensation you're owed for tangible, generally monetary losses. For example, you were denied employment due to background check errors, or your bank lowered your credit limit because of credit reporting errors (or any other similar financial harm).
  2. Non-economic damages: The purpose of this is to compensate you for any negative emotional consequences you're experiencing. For example, anxiety, emotional distress or any other similar mental health issues.
  3. Statutory damages: The FCRA provides up to $1000 per violation for any wilful violations. Meaning the actions were reckless or intentional.
  4. Punitive damages: These can be substantially larger than the statutory damages and serve to punish & deter companies from committing further violations.

Let us protect your rights

Don't let these other companies get away with violating the FCRA and causing you financial & emotional distress. We're ready to fight, are you?

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