Debt Collectors Harassing You?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) outlines standards debt collectors must adhere to. It was enacted to prohibit debt collectors from harassing, opressing, or abusing you.

Common forms of harrasment include:

  • repeated phone calls that are abusive
  • threating violence towards you
  • repeated use of obsence language
  • calling you outside of permitted hours

The good news is if you’ve been subjected to any of the above, you can sue the debt collector & if you’re successful, they will have to pay you damages + cover your attorney’s fees.

Get Debt Collectors to Stop Harassing You

Tired of the abuse & harassment you’re receiving from debt collectors? So are we. Which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping consumers, just like you, sue debt collectors for violating the FDCPA. Contact us today for your FREE case review.

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