What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need for Identity Theft?

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2022

Identity theft law is complex to navigate.

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Identity theft is committed when an personal information is stolen by a individual to open accounts, get credit, or even commit a crime in your name.

After thieves have accumulated debt on these accounts; debt collectors might steal payment from the very victims who did not know their identity had been stolen, and cannot repay it.

What Lawyer Do You Need For Identity Theft?

Experienced attorneys should be able to handle your case from beginning to end, and must provide you with protection and support throughout the legal process.

We recommend going with an attorney who specializes in identity theft cases, to give yourself the best chance of success.

How Can An Identity Theft Attorney Help You?

An experienced attorney should be able to analyze the facts and evidence of your case to establish:

  • The type of identity theft and charges,
  • Which State and/or Federal laws apply,
  • Which court to approach,
  • Whether your case has a reasonable prospect of success,
  • Whether you can sue a third party, or
  • The potential costs and damages you could claim.

They should have established cooperative relationships with the entities that need to be approached to help you:

  • File an official police report with the relevant law enforcement agencies.
  • Submit reports to the Federal Trade Commission and other financial institutions.
  • Communicate with credit bureaus, your bank, creditors, debt collectors to request   reports and statements, and put holds on your accounts.
  • Ensure false information is removed from your credit report.
  • Facilitate the replacement of government-issued IDs.

You will get advice and protection if you experience issues or legal action arising from the theft of your identity. Once you are represented by an identity theft attorney, debt collectors may only communicate with you through your attorney.

They could also provide useful information on what steps to take to avoid any future incident.

Identity theft attorneys should be able to develop the best strategies to support and protect you, and to win compensation for financial and other damages.

Bottom Line

An experienced identity theft attorney will help guide you with the best strategy to win your case and recover any losses. It could be the difference between winning your case with fair compensation; or no justice at all.

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