How To Sue Experian (And Win)

Experian is obligated to address any errors you dispute

Failure to do so is a violation of the FCRA & you may be entitled to compensation

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Experian provides reporting on consumers’ credit history to businesses looking into someone’s creditworthiness. Lenders and banks can require a consumer’s Experian credit report to:

  1. Determine loan approval and amount 
  2. Tenant screenings for apartment rental
  3. Background checks for employers

You have the right to request a copy of your Experian credit report and review it.

Unfortunately, errors appear on credit reports very often and carry serious consequences. If you find items on your Experian report that should not be there, you should dispute them as soon as possible. 

What is on an Experian report?

Your Experian report holds information about your credit history. This includes:

  • current credit lines
  • payment schedules
  • and creditor inquiries.

In the case that you find an error on your Experian report, this could negatively impact your overall credit score.

Common Errors on Experian Credit Reports

Some common errors you may find on an Experian credit report can include:

  1. Clerical Errors: these types of errors are very common and can impact your credit score. 
  2. Mistaken/Merged Accounts: these happen when your account information is mixed up or replaced with someone else. Typically happens to people with similar names or addresses.
  3. Identity Theft: victims of identity theft will find accounts opened in their name that they have no prior knowledge of. 
  4. Credit Report Claims You Are Deceased: this type of credit report error happens most often when either the SSA or creditor mistakenly reports you as dead, in result closing all of your accounts. 

Just because errors are common, does not mean they are acceptable. All errors you find on your report should be handled immediately to avoid damage to your credit score.

How Errors on Your Experian Credit Report Affect You

An error on your Experian report can negatively impact you and your credit. A few damages caused by an error on an Experian report include:

  • A lower credit score
  • High interest rates for your credit card, private student loans, and home mortgage
  • Higher insurance premiums 
  • Loss of a job opportunity
  • Loss of apartment/housing
  • Denial of loan and credit application

Errors can cause lasting damage. That is why it’s essential to scan for errors on your Experian credit report. If you find an error, it’s important to dispute it. 

Experian is obligated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to correct any disputed errors. If they fail to, you may be eligible for compensation/settlement.

How To Sue Experian for An Unsettled Dispute

Once you have filed the dispute, Experian has 30 days to:

  1.  Verify that the information is incorrect 
  2.  Remove the error

If there is no correction made on your Experian dispute after 30 days, the FCRA grants you the right to sue Experian. To move forward in a lawsuit, you will want to file a formal complaint and hire a consumer protection attorney.

Bottom Line

Errors on your Experian credit report can seriously damage your credit score and future opportunities. If you find errors in your credit report, it’s vital to file a dispute. If Experian does not respond to your dispute within the 30-day timeline, you would be able to take legal action.

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