Equifax Dispute Mailing Address

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2022

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Regularly reviewing your credit report is a sound practice to confirm the information being reported is accurate. Federal laws provide you the right to review and dispute information on your credit report you suspect is inaccurate.

When disputing an item at Equifax you are afforded three modes of communication being by mail, by phone, or online.

Equifax Dispute Details: Mail

If you choose to dispute an item on your Equifax credit report by mail, ensure your dispute letter is addressed to:

P.O. Box 740256

Atlanta, GA 30374-0256.

Equifax Dispute Details: Online

Alternatively, you may choose to dispute your Equifax credit report online. To do this you would need to make use of the Equifax dispute portal at my.Equifax.com.

Equifax Dispute Details: Phone

The final method is by phone. This method is considered the least effective of the three available options. To initiate a dispute by phone, call 866-349-5191.

Dispute Submitted What To Do Now?

Once the item has been disputed, Equifax are limited to a 30 day timeframe to investigate the dispute and provide a response, regarding the results of the investigation.

If your dispute is determined to have merit, Equifax will correct the information on your credit report, or remove it completely. However, If Equifax determines the information reported is accurate, then that information will remain on your report. The result will be communicated in writing,  either by email or letter depending on the method used to initiate the dispute.

If you agree with the results the dispute is considered resolved. However, if you disagree, several options are available to escalate the dispute to achieve the desired outcome.

Bottom Line

Consumers are afforded three different avenues when disputing information reported by a credit bureau.

Once Equifax corrects a confirmed error, Experian and TransUnion will generally update their corresponding errors accordingly. This is not guaranteed, therefore, conduct a review of the

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