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Last Updated: Dec 04, 2022

Background checks have become a common procedure in the employment process.

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Employers have started initiating background checks to get insight into shortlisted applicants by verify their credentials.. Due to the rise of fraudulent credentials on vacancy applications employers now use these checks to validate the candidates application.

What Is A Credit Background Check?

Credit background checks is the analysis of your credit report, the background check will generally also include a criminal and employment history check to satisfy the employers review process.

  • Credit: Credit background checks assess an individual’s financial history, including their lines of credit opened and how consistently they were paid.
  • Criminal: Criminal background checks are used to ensure the candidate has no criminal background, most common in positions where the applicant will be working near, or with children, or dependents.
  • Employment: employment background checks are particularly important to employers as it is used to validate the applicant's credentials and past performances as well as any transgressions that may have occurred.

What To Do If You Have Errors On Your Credit Background Check?

Background checks are common practice in employment screening processes in the modern era of job placement. If you identify information that has been incorrectly recorded in your background report, you should file a dispute in writing to the company that prepared the background check.

The background check company has 30 days to either verify the accuracy of the reported information, update the information, or remove the incorrectly reported information.

When disputing information on a background report it is important to have as many supporting documents to prove your dispute as possible.

Bottom line

Once a potential employer has requested your permission to initiate a background check on you, it indicates the final stages of the job placement process. If the background check review is successful you are likely to receive a job offer.

If you feel your background checks could use a fresh update before your next set of job applications go out consult Fair Credit to help you get your background checks in line.

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