Remark Removed From Account: What Does It Mean?

Last Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Notice an old remark has been removed from your credit report and wonder why?

Remarks don’t impact your credit score negatively, so why are they there?

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Regular credit report reviews will have you eventually noticing remarks. These remarks appear on your credit report as a way to provide additional information about your accounts. Remarks can be positive, negative, or neutral, depending on the account and situation.

Here we consider what the meaning and purpose of a “remark removed from account”

What Does It Mean When A Remark Is Removed From An Account Of Credit Reports?

The remark “Removed from an account” means that a prior remark on the account has been deleted due to a lack of relevance. This can occur due to different scenarios taking place, which include:

  • Payment status changed: If you previously had an agreement with a creditor for your payments to be adjusted or accommodated, but then start making your usual payments again. If this happens your creditor should remove the remark from your account.
  • Completed a debt management plan: If you were enrolled in a debt management plan to better cope with your debt and then completed the plan by clearing your debt. Your creditor should remove the remark indicating you were under debt management.
  • You filed a credit dispute that was later resolved: If you have formally disputed an item on your account with you credit bureau or creditor, and they resolve the dispute. The remark indicating the dispute should be removed by your creditor or credit bureau.
  • Credit account was deleted: Remarks are associated with individual accounts. If the account is deleted so will the remark associated with it. This may be due to a reporting error or the account reporting time frame has lapsed.

How Long Will Remarks Remain On Your Credit Report?

Remarks are reported for variable time frames based on:

  • the type of remark,
  • the reason for it being reported, and
  • the source of the remark.

Most remarks will remain on your report for several years before the stop reporting it, no remark should remain on your report indefinitely. You have the choice of requesting the removal of remarks, especially if they are no longer relevant to the  account being reported on.

How Remarks Removed From An Account Could Impact Your Credit Report?

Remarks and comments added to your credit report are done with the aim of providing additional information to creditors, credit bureaus, or any other interested party with the authority to pull your credit report, including you.

These remarks are not included when calculating your credit score and should be no cause for concern. You may still raise the issue with the source of the remark to determine how to have it removed if you so desire.

Bottom Line

When you identify a remark on your credit report, rest assured it will not negatively impact your credit score. Ensure you are familiar with the various elements of your credit report to conduct thorough reviews thereof. This ensures all your information will remain relevant and accurate contributing to a healthy credit score.

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